Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Building Blocks of Conventional Game AI - Pt 2

In this podcast I sit down with Charlie from Chengdu Gaming Federation and discuss the techniques developers use to mimic artificial intelligence in video games, using lessons I learned developing Carrier Commander: War at Sea in Gamemaker. Detailed notes below... ***Links*** Part 1 of the podcast - CGF Homepage - My Gaming Blog - Carrier Commander (App Store) - (Google Play BETA) - ***Time-stamped Notes*** 00:25 Programming in Gamemaker with GML 00:46 Push vs Pull AI Architecture - 2:00 AI in Halo, Fear, Doom, Bioshock - 4:00 Group Dynamics in Halo AI - 5:00 Combining Push & Pull AI in Starcraft 5:30 Perception in Game AI (What information do you feed your Game AI) - Starcraft 1 vs 2, Fog of War & Limiting your AI’s perception - 7:20 Simulating Visual Perception in First Person Shooters - 9:00 Simulating Hearing in FPS games 9:40 Finite State Machines in Game AI - Broforce enemies finite state machine - Dynamic finite state enemies 12:30 Simulating AI (Game AI) vs Real AI 13:05 Adaptive AI - Fighting games - Recognizing player patterns 14:52 Pathfinding - Pathfinding in The Witness - 17:40 Using nodes - 19:30 Group Movement 21:30 Online Resources for Gamemaker and AI 22:30 AI in Carrier Commander 24:40 Player testing & feedback

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