Friday, February 1, 2019

From Idea to App Store Part 2: The Challenges of Building an Indie Game

In this podcast Charlie & I discuss the long path you must traverse developing your first Indie Title, using my recently released game Carrier Commander: War at Sea as a template to help aspiring indie developers see the start-to-finish process of releasing a game. Detailed notes below...
Charlie and I have both been working in the mobile gaming industry for several years, and have recorded a number of podcasts on various gaming topics. This podcast is part 2 of a series of 3 covering the entire process materializing a game into reality.


Part 1 - Getting Started in Indie Dev & Designing Your Game
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Time-Stamped Notes

0:00 Gathering your team - Making a game is a ton of interdisciplinary work and hard for one person to do. - Roles on a game development team - Unifying behind a game idea vs. “let’s build a game” - Finding Music Composer Eric c Lewis 03:40 - Facing the Challenges of Game Production - Basics of object oriented programming - Using Game Maker - game development platform - Successful games made with Game maker - Steam distribution of Game Maker 08:40 - “Juicing” your game to make it more fun - Screen shake - Chroma Shift - Particle Effects - Using Algebra for Movement - Pitch-variation in sounds - Hacking the human primate-brain - Reinforcing your primary compulsion loop transitions with maximum Juice